About Us

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Graveyard Track Club was born out of necessity. Colorado is a power house for distance running, however from our experience there are only two kinds of groups. The elite pro teams or the casual-social brewery run clubs. At GYTC we wanted to create a club that was somewhere in the middle. The focus of GYTC is running fast while building community and having fun enjoying the sport we all love. GYTC aims to foster a supportive environment for athletes of all types to have fun and get better. All people and all paces are welcome. 

We strive to train in a fun and competitive environment. After countless solo sessions at the Graveyard, Dam to Dam, Budweiser, Rawhide, and Redstone, the founders of GYTC decided to do something that reminded them of their college and high school workouts. When the founders lived and trained in NYC it rekindled their love for the sport. NYC running has everything from the raw, gritty tempo runs though the LES, racing with Orchard Street Runners, ripping Park Avenue or through Times Square past the tourists, and pristine fall leaf peeping runs through the bridal path in Central Park. With competitive runners and easily accessible tracks, NYC is perfect. 

GYTC aims to bridge the gap for competitive runners and people that just want to better themselves, have fun, and build a strong running community. GYTC is bringing the NYC energy and support back to FoCo.